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house window Determine the shape of the windowDetermine the shape of the window – Procurement of a window at home requires deep thought. Kind selected based on the location, size, design , how to open / close it, as well as its material substance. All that to regulate the entry of light and air flowing into and outside the home. There is also a window to allow residents to get outside the house view.

The location and size
Factors specified window placement settings and enter the room to get light – air discharge. Also an opportunity to get an interesting view. Almost every room in the house needs a window like the Living Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Bedroom even in the Bathroom. Each customized window placement with the room itself. Private spaces such as Bed Bath and requires a window for air circulation for the health and comfort. However, it should also set the window hole that does not interfere with our privacy.

Window in Living Room should be made as high as 50 cm from the floor surface. When the outside view of the garden or the pool there, the window can be made as wide and as low as possible. Window should be made open to the kitchen and straight into the air. Note the direction of the wind. Placing a window in the house, most fitting on the North side or the South. Avoid placement in the West and the East , making it uncomfortable for the morning and afternoon. Ideally, the window size for every room 12 % – 15 % of the floor area of the room.

How to open / close
Fixed windows ( windows dead ) is a window that does not have a hinge. The shutters could not be opened and only serves light entering from the outside without the air flow in the room. A conventional window shutters are framed by the sill, opened ( and closed ) with a hinge . The layout could hinge on the side ( side swing ) or commonly called the casement window. Can also above ( top swing ) or below ( bottom swing ). Selection of how to open ( and close ) the window with hinges and hinge placement depends on which side of the homeowners taste, can also be adjusted to where the wind usually blows. This model of window hinges provide optimal ventilation, because the shutters can be opened fully.

The workings of opening and closing the sliding window ( sliding window ) , a blend of dead window ( one leaf ) , and the other leaves can be shifted . The advantage is a sliding window to save space , in the front or the rear window can be placed goods , will not disrupt traffic when the shutter is opened or closed . Pivot window , a window that has a hinge in the middle , opening and closing it by way of playing . The advantage using pivot window , provide optimal ventilation , because the windows can also serve as a wide-open door . Based on the fact that there is a window should be opened and closed , then the homeowner can design creation window with the appropriate accessories , as well as to its safety , ie hinges , handles , locks , and trellises .

Material for a variety of windows, could be from natural materials, such as wood and bamboo. Wood is still popularly used as raw material for the window, until now. The advantage, affordable, and diverse species that can be adjusted to taste, such as rosewood, mahogany and Borneo. In addition to shutters, wood can also be used for the frame.

Other materials , aluminum . The advantages of aluminum window by using this material , in addition to anti-termite, anti -scratch, very solid strength, corrosion resistant, maintenance free ( free maintenance ), anti- rotten , do not start and shrink, leak-proof and environmentally friendly.

The combination of the frame and the frame is aluminum shutters of the glass , to the very broad sash. The use of glass became an excellent choice that is often used in modern style homes. Glass can be transparent , opaque glass can also ( sunblast ) can be combined in accordance home design. In the home – Classical or Ethnic , use stained glass or painting is widely used as a variation.

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