Tips to Improve Your Stamina

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If you feel tired, it means that your stamina decreases. But, do not rush to consume energy and stamina enhancer drinks are sold in the market. There are way more natural and healthier for it.

Stamina, in glasses health becomes very important for its role in improving the condition of a healthy body, because it is relatively more cost-effective and bring greater impact to improve the health of the community.

While by definition, stamina could mean the ability of a person’s body to perform daily work tasks without causing significant fatigue and still have reserve energy to enjoy leisure time as well as for unexpected needs.

Furthermore, the stamina is Physical Fitness. Physic meant the physical condition and fitness that is a match, and the harmony of our body’s ability to adapt, maintain the balance of physiological and biochemical processes of the body in a state of severe stress, including physical labor.

In essence, one nature of stamina is a dynamic or functional. That is, the ability to perform heavy physical work. Therefore, to realize the task, which is always necessary best stamina. Or at least stay healthy even though power is slightly reduced due to fatigue.

Therefore, increases stamina by taking supplements is not recommended. Therefore, the organs in the body that has been working simultaneously can not be a liquid supplement. In fact, in some cases, it was found that patients suffering from kidney failure, due to frequent drinking before the power enhancer. Drink like that actually makes the kidneys work even harder.

Below are some tips to maintain and increase stamina:

1. Sports, sports, sports
According to James Rippe, a cardiologist and director of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States, especially the type of aerobic exercise is the best medicine to overcome fatigue and increase energy. Aerobic exercise such as cycling, swimming and running strengthens the heart so that more oxygen supply to the whole body. More oxygen to the organs in the heat again to work, thereby increasing the efficiency of energy production.

2. Drink more
Less fluid is the cause of fatigue. If the body is dehydrated, the blood thickens. As a result, blood flow is slow and takes more time for cells to get oxygen.

3. Eat a little, but often
Eat smaller meals nutritionally balanced, but often. Eating large portions of rich carbohydrate cause blood sugar to rise. It makes more insulin is released by the body. This condition will cause too much blood sugar delivered to the muscle cells to be stored. This is the ringleader of fatigue.

4. Consumption of vitamin supplements, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids
Dr. Roberta Lee, director of the Continuum Center for Health and Healing at Beth Israel Medical Center, New York USA, recommends a daily multivitamin and mineral for fatigue patients. Why? Antioxidant vitamin helps the body neutralize the damage free radicals attack the cells. Minerals to support healthy liver and kidneys to detoxify the body of work. Omega-3 fatty acids help every cell of your body to work smoothly.

5. Change the routine
When the daily activities are predictable, change that habit. This can lead to boredom, the ringleader of the energy drain. Try to listen to new types of music, take a new route to work, or chat with new people.

6. Give priority
Make a list of the most important thing in life, what you want to do. Doing that is not desirable, said Tony Schwartz, author of The Power of Full Engagement, will consume energy.

7. Take a break
Humans have been programmed by the Almighty to move between spending and regenerating energy. This cycle, says Schwartz, lasted for 90-120 minutes, during which time fatigue. Rest for a few minutes to recover energy.

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