Bone Nutrients with Nano Calcium

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healthy bones Bone Nutrients with Nano CalciumBone Nutrients with Nano Calcium – Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by reduced bone mass and changes in the microarchitecture of bone tissue so that bones become brittle and easily broken. In adult humans, the bone has a cycle of new bone formation and destruction of old bone called the process of remodeling. The process is influenced by two cells that osteoblast cells and cells

Osteoclasts are cells that absorb bone work, work to destroy and dispose of the old bone cells and die. After a few weeks, osteoclast cells will disappear and osteoblast cells will arise cells to form new bone.

After age beyond 30 years, little by little eroded bone deposits. It was due to the work of osteoblasts slow down so that more bone cells are destroyed than it is formed. Over time, the bones become thin, brittle, and porous.

First thinning occurs in the lining of trabecular bone (bone lining the inside) without damaging the hard outer layer (cortical bone). That condition is called osteoporosis.

Every day an adult body requires approximately 800-1,000 mg of calcium per day. The amount of calcium released to cover the body through the kidneys 650 mg and 350 mg of feces per day. If the amount is not met, then the faster osteoporosis occurs. In absorbing calcium and vitamin D are needed to form glycosaminoglycans A which is the basic ingredient of bone, and vitamin C to form collagen which maintain bone strength.

Calcium can be obtained from dairy products, such as cheese, yoghurt. In addition we can obtain calcium from sea fish, green vegetables and fruits. Calcium can also be obtained from dairy products high in calcium.

In fact, technological advances now able to create a product with the content of ‘nano calcium’. Namely calcium with a particle size that is one hundred times smaller than regular calcium. Thus, the calcium becomes more easily absorbed and enter the cell.

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