Creating a Healthy Environment

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Communities need to be aware of the importance of environmental health is good if you want to create a healthy and happy community. If they are able to maintain the environment by both the responsibility, the emergence of many diseases, which are generally due to the dirty environment, can be avoided.

When performing the process of initiation of the introduction of environmental health, awareness is required of all elements of society so that the objectives of the creation of overall health can be felt by all parties that will benefit from the environmental health can also benefit the whole community. Strong commitment from within each person in one environment into a process that must be built. Without the agreement and commitment, it is impossible considering the health of the environment can be created if one is not kept clean environment, then this will affect other areas of poor hygiene.

The creation of healthy communities that will be independent and capable of its own expectations when they managed to apply the environment with good health. If society is healthy, then this will create a generation of financially independent mainly due to a healthy mind and body will surely give its own spirit and sense of focus for those in work. They will not be burdened to see the doctor so that the concentration of work will increase.

As you move the community to realize the importance of hygiene for life, they need to see concrete examples of government programs in support of environmental health is also a form of government support to keep people focused on creating a better environment. Implementation of some activities in raising public awareness to keep their environment clean can be done with a cleaning program that allows the mass in the area where the gathering of diseases such as late landfills, rivers, culverts, to house each resident may realize the awakening community of lovers of cleanliness .

Within the program, the government needs support in providing equipment or provides everything involved in supporting community efforts on the health of the environment so that communication can be established and synergies between community and government. Relevant parties such as the health department also has a significant contribution in monitoring and providing guidance to the community to create environmental health. They should periodically conduct socialization to people about what health problems currently faced in an environment possible, so that communities can contribute to the solution, so what is the common goal can be realized. Community is strongly needed contribution in this respect because they are very understanding of their condition and environment.

Providing training for hygiene efforts can also be held by the health department so that communities are able to provide at least the first attempt in inhibiting the spread of disease in a neighborhood. Make sure the public is also willing to be active and participatory problem communicating what is happening in the environment related to health so that the coordination between the health of the community in maintaining a healthy environment remains well maintained.

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