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5 Methods For Women Eat Compulsory

Women Eat Compulsory 5 Methods For Women Eat CompulsoryThe female body is not equal to men in terms of the number of healthy food intake. This he ate a mandatory five methods executed women:

Pain, abdominal cramps, bloating, weakness and fatigue are common symptoms that often suffered by women if they received a menstrual cycle. For that you need to add essential fatty acids like omega-3 to relieve the stomach. Replacing animal protein with vegetable such as beans and soy milk.

Food for the brain
Consumption of fat with the portion in accordance with the rules. Healthy fats help the body especially the brain to keep functioning properly. In addition, healthy fats also make nails, hair and skin remain beautiful.

Food for bone
Healthy bones in the can from the foods that contain calcium and magnesium, and combined with vitamin D. Calcium levels are recommended by health experts around 400 to 1200 mg per day. Source can be from green vegetables, tofu, cabbage, pumpkin and green beans.

Consumption of carbohydrates friendly
Carbohydrates are important as fuel for the body including the brain and ward off fatigue. Choose good carbs like fruits, vegetables, peas, etc.. Complex carbohydrates can help to control body weight.

Adjust your diet
To prevent snacking habits, do breakfast before the activity. Breakfast is believed capable of going to the body away from the stress, it is not easy to starvation, the body is ready to work and think, energetic throughout the day so the weight is not easy to ride. Limit junk food. Foods that contain lots of sugar and simple carbohydrates will make the body of emotion and energy that easily up and down.

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