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Maintain eye health | Home improvement

Maintain eye health

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wrinkles Maintain eye healthMaintain eye health – Eye is God’s gift that is priceless that ought to be grateful. function of the eye and is very much essential for human survival, therefore we must maintain and care in order not to be damaged. Many activities without us knowing it can damage our eyes, for there are many things that need our attention and we do to maintain the health of our eyes.

Here are some tips to keep our eyes healthy:

Expand consume vitamin A
we know that vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining eye health. Vitamin A in addition to maintaining eye health in general as well as to prevent xerophthalmia disease, eye disease xerophthalmia is caused by inadequate intake of Vitamin A, you can get it from foods rich in vitamin A such as dragon fruit, papaya and carrot. The grapes are also known to maintain your eye health and prevent degeneration seniors.

Avoid too long at the computer
we know that for too long at the computer is not good for the health of the eye, because the light coming from the computer can make our eyes become ill and eventually may decrease visual acuity, because the eyes are very sensitive to light. If you can not avoid lingering in front of the computer because of a job or anything else, at least you can minimize the effects of light on a computer your eyes. You can not choose LCD monitor on your computer.

Go to the eye doctor
it is important to maintain the health of your eyes, you can consult about issues related to your eyes. To go to the eye doctor did not have to wait until you have a problem in your eyes, go to the eye doctor aims to determine the health of your eyes and identify the symptoms of the disease in the eye so that you can handle it as early as possible.

Do not touch eyes with hands
eyes are very sensitive to anything harsh, touch of a hand can make eye injury and result in infection, if it requires you to touch it you can use a tissue or other soft objects and of course safe for the eyes.

Wear eye protection
if you have a job that is expected harmful to the eyes as it works in a chemical plant, fire and welding in place then you should wear eye protection.

Give me a break on your eyes
If you feel tired when reading or studying then you should stop these activities and give a break to your eyes.

The cleanliness of your eyepiece
For those of you who use the eyepiece consider when trying to use it, make sure your lens is clean and sterile eye. If not kerana need not try to use it.

Do rubbed his eyes
Do not rubbed your eyes feel itchy or when exposed to foreign objects such as dust, rubbed his eyes is very dangerous because it can cause an infection, usually you will have swollen eyes and red when you rubbed. You should as soon as possible to clean it with clean water when you feel itchy.

Eye hygiene
Always keep your eye with a particular drug is safe eye cleanser. You can also use a natural way by using a betel leaf to cleanse the eye, how to put a plate of betel leaves in warm water, then wait until the water becomes cloudy because it is mixed with a solution of betel leaf, then you can put your eye to the water a few time to clean it, you can do it on a regular basis to keep the eye.

Similarly, some health tips to keep our eyes, begin to pay attention to your health as much detail as possible even though it’s a very small thing, because something big was initiated from a small, hopefully to maintain eye health tips above can give benefit to the reader.

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