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Sleep to Lose Weight

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healthy diet 188x250 Sleep to Lose WeightSometimes, simple things like the adequacy of rest can affect our healthy diet tips. For women who are active, busy from morning till evening meal has become a daily routine. Busy with day-to-day activities also make sleep a priority lately, especially when deadlines are piling up. Let’s find out the effects of hours of sleep to our weight loss success.

Sleep Deprivation, fat sticks
Proved adequate sleep is important for a healthy diet is more effective program. Research shows that those with insufficient sleep (8.5 hours) decreased fat greater weight when following a healthy diet low in calories, when compared with those who sleep less (5.5 hours). More than 50% weight loss will come from fat weight reduction in those who sleep in short supply, and only 25% weight loss from weight loss of fat in their lack of sleep.

It is known to be associated with elevated levels of the hormone ghrelin, a hormone that can increase fat storage in the body, in their lack of sleep so the body will retain more fat. Not only that, the hormone ghrelin also triggered a hunger that can drive you to eat more. As a result, a healthy diet program will be increasingly difficult and excruciating if you are sleep deprived. If so, you risk giving up and stop dieting even higher.

In addition, those who sleep less well known to lose more muscle during the diet program. In fact, the muscles play an important role in burning calories and your body look more toned. I could have a healthy diet program you become less effective ..

How many hours is enough?
Sleep is not only important when making a healthy diet, but should be done daily routine. Sleep is an important time for the body to rest so the body’s cells can be developed and improved.

Sleep time it takes each person is different, among which are influenced by age, health condition, and activities. In general, adults are advised to sleep 7 to 8 hours each day.

Healthy diet program was not only covers the problem of calorie intake, sufficient sleep is also proved important. Ensure a controlled calorie intake but still adequate nutrient intake when dieting, so you can get the slim body ideal without sacrificing health … For a healthy diet that is safe and healthy, you can try WRP Nutritious Drink as a replacement for breakfast and dinner with a nutritionally balanced and enriched 11 vitamins and 9 minerals. Dieting? Sure you can do!

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