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Vitamin E For Fertility

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women Vitamin E For FertilityFor women, it turns out vitamin E was able to keep the endocrine hormones associated with female fertility. So fertility is not only when the woman into the pregnancy. And as miscarriage in pregnant women can be avoided. Because vitamin E is to be free radicals, thus egg cell damage caused by oxidation in women able to be avoided.

To consume of course you can take a natural like such kind sprouts (toge) or green beans that contain lots of vitamin E and folic acid. For that maintain the reproductive system was also able to consume food sources of vitamin E. If you want to consume as fertility vitamin is good to visit the nearest doctor. Because vitamin E supplements sold in the market there are differences with the doctor because the doctor also provides antivirus to prevent virus damage the fetal state.

Vitamin E as an antioxidant that is believed to turn out for men also can maintain healthy sperm. Membrane by protecting sperm from various damages such as damage caused by oxidation. If DNA or sperm cell is damaged, then the incidence of infertility and pregnancy failures can occur. By consuming food sources of vitamin E by at least 400 UI daily doses, the hormones can be maintained for the formation of sperm cell formation pengomptimalkan sperm in men. Even the recognized increase in fertility and quality of sperm cells to more than 10% or more than 2x the fertility of men who did not take vitamin E.

Usually good sperm parameters are based on the number. In men, it is worth about 20 million perml. Because if it is less than it could be caused by the consumption of bad effects of smoking or consuming alcohol. If you are in during the process of pregnancy with my wife so it’s good to visit your doctor first in order to get the proper vitamins E and also get proper treatment if current fertility vitamin gajala you have bad because your body is not used to receive vitamin E in high doses.

Natural Sources of Vitamin E

Sources of vitamin E found in food such as wheat, milk, butter, eggs, sprouts, corn oil, nuts, bananas, asparagus, strawberries, beans, sunflower seeds, mangosteen and other many can you eat to fulfill vitamin E naturally. To kesuburuan course before you have to consume natural foods regularly. Because if it is consumed before getting married and planning to have children but are also deficient in vitamins E, then you can take vitamin E supplements to complement your needs to the fertility of your body.

Because there are some people who have intestinal difficult to accept the normal consumption of vitamin E through natural food sources. This makes the lack of absorption of vitamin E intake is reduced. Do not be surprised it there. Because it is there. The inclusion of vitamin E such as the number of 100%, then that will be absorbed by the body is not 100% pure, but it will be reduced. For that vitamin E supplements must be made exceed the dose needs met by natural vitamin E sources.

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